Gary Lineker bids emotional farewell after six years hosting BT Sport's Champions League coverage 💙

Gary Lineker bids farewell after it was announced he will leave his position as host of BT Sport’s Champions League coverage to follow Leicester in Europe as a fan next season.

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  • Aaron D
    Aaron D7 dagen geleden

    I'll miss him 😢

  • John Aaron Greenslade
    John Aaron Greenslade8 dagen geleden

    Good bye FA cup head, pay your tax bill and f**k off.

  • Frank Lampost
    Frank Lampost12 dagen geleden

    Only coz HMRC are on his case

  • Paul Arrowsmith
    Paul Arrowsmith12 dagen geleden

    Please retire fully,not funny , boring ,overstaying his welcome,freshness desperately needed

  • Peter Morrison
    Peter Morrison12 dagen geleden

    Gary who ?wasnt he a footballer way back?????

  • paul wignall
    paul wignall13 dagen geleden

    Kneeling for Black's before kick off.. come on its gone to far now....I wish the PC brigade would stop brown nosing

  • Neil Lynch
    Neil Lynch13 dagen geleden

    Majestic? Stating the obvious about football whilst ignoring half the cheating / poor sportsmanship?

  • A7X foREVer
    A7X foREVer13 dagen geleden

    Can he take the other pricks with him.

  • Sean Hanratty
    Sean Hanratty13 dagen geleden

    All seems like a gentleman best wishes Gary

  • North Talk
    North Talk13 dagen geleden

    Gary’s a bellend good riddance

  • k trainer
    k trainer14 dagen geleden


  • Fedor Lavretsky
    Fedor Lavretsky15 dagen geleden

    Thank God that era's over.

  • Jim Estall
    Jim Estall15 dagen geleden

    No Gary L fans here then including me.

  • B Real
    B Real15 dagen geleden

    Bt sport is free. No its not. Yes it is. No its a tenner. No its free no its 15 i mean 16 17 quid....

  • johnny bored
    johnny bored15 dagen geleden

    BYE 👋

  • Mortality’s Fatal
    Mortality’s Fatal16 dagen geleden

    Good riddance, just another dozen to get rid of who rather than put head above parapet to give something back to the game at grassroot level resort to sit on overpaid arses and pontificate about millionaires kicking bag of wind about 😡

  • Steve
    Steve16 dagen geleden

    PC knob

  • Barry Jones
    Barry Jones16 dagen geleden

    Why did he leave?

  • Anthony O'rourke
    Anthony O'rourke16 dagen geleden

    Gary and his Brother Wayne make me sick 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • David Cunningham
    David Cunningham16 dagen geleden

    MOTD next please Gary there's a good lad, move over for a trans lesbian of colour!

  • David Mccall
    David Mccall16 dagen geleden

    The ultimate yes man as long as the price is right.

  • couldbe dodgy
    couldbe dodgy16 dagen geleden

    When I was a contractor IR35 hounded me for 16 grand telling me I was an employee with nailed on income, not a business with business risk. When the contract ended I didn't get any income for 18 months because it was 2008 so much for no risk. Meanwhile this guy just takes the pee with the same ir35 while sermonising his righteousness.

  • couldbe dodgy
    couldbe dodgy16 dagen geleden

    Lineker, an absolute legend in absolutely nobodies mind.

  • Greg (Teslaaar)
    Greg (Teslaaar)16 dagen geleden

    Thank god Mr woke has gone and I can start watching BT sport again

  • Urban Ranger
    Urban Ranger16 dagen geleden


  • Tronzou
    Tronzou16 dagen geleden

    He's got to spend family time with his migrants

  • Gomer Williams
    Gomer Williams16 dagen geleden

    Best news I've heard now BBC do the same 😁

  • John Doe
    John Doe16 dagen geleden

    Thank god he is going I might watch but sport now. And stop taking the knee rubbish no wanted in any sport

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams17 dagen geleden

    Suppose he’s sad his £1.5 million is going to reduce. Good riddance

  • Monty1964
    Monty196417 dagen geleden

    Plenty of illegals need homing gary

  • Betty Holmes
    Betty Holmes17 dagen geleden

    Good riddance

  • allstarshotta
    allstarshotta17 dagen geleden

    Rio, remind him of that terrible first touch 😂

  • angus henderson
    angus henderson17 dagen geleden

    Interesting fact, record producer Phil Spector’s brother, Crispen, used to work on quality control at Walkers.

  • Xia Pete
    Xia Pete17 dagen geleden

    It took them a long time to find him out .

  • Alan Mcclemont
    Alan Mcclemont17 dagen geleden

    The man is an absolute bell end, it has to be said a complete and utter clown of a man who hasn’t got a clue what’s going on, but with his arrogance thinks he does!

  • afshan
    afshan17 dagen geleden

    420 years i cant say his surname. "Line-ker"? "Liniker"? What's the name? Not that anyone can say my name properly haha

  • Philip Croft
    Philip Croft17 dagen geleden

    good riddance A--hole.

  • Samuel Campbell
    Samuel Campbell17 dagen geleden

    Don't give him a big head, I can't imagine the bigger ears.😂 a total waste of space and time , I admit he was a great footballer but as a comment presenter NOT. Bye bye ejjit.😂

  • Nige C
    Nige C17 dagen geleden

    Good riddance just hope he leaves MOTD soon now.

  • Jack wells
    Jack wells17 dagen geleden

    Should of seen his reaction when Leicester scores in the fa Cup

  • Dan West
    Dan West17 dagen geleden


  • Peter Simpson
    Peter Simpson17 dagen geleden

    Wish he would say farewell to BBC to !

  • Charles Francis
    Charles Francis17 dagen geleden

    Any sadness is due to any loss of CASH.

  • thereds1959
    thereds195917 dagen geleden

    Good riddance

  • Gosfox
    Gosfox17 dagen geleden

    So the overpaid jug eared goalhanger only has his vast bbc salary and his crisp adverts to survive on,still we can all look forward to hearing his Woke outpourings no doubt.

  • adam cunningham
    adam cunningham17 dagen geleden

    Thank god. The most woke boring man in the world 👋

  • Sofia Collins
    Sofia Collins17 dagen geleden

    Great Now Get Him Off Match Of The Day Also 😀👎

  • Dillinger Sam
    Dillinger Sam18 dagen geleden


  • mark isaac
    mark isaac18 dagen geleden

    Take care bro u are awesome

  • fy
    fy18 dagen geleden

    Gary who

  • Oliver Read
    Oliver Read18 dagen geleden

    Rio should take that job. He wouldn't be as neutral as Gary but he's got the personality for it

  • rich price
    rich price18 dagen geleden

    yippee bloody snow flake go bk to your crisps and stop telling the world what to do bloody idiot

  • TL Strength & Conditioning
    TL Strength & Conditioning18 dagen geleden

    Hopefully he'll now quit twitter also? Bland-boring and obnoxious!

  • Roland Rimann
    Roland Rimann18 dagen geleden

    Won't miss him.

  • City Vegetable Gardener
    City Vegetable Gardener18 dagen geleden

    For someone who is famous and is on TV, Gary Lineker is such a decent man.

  • Jaym Grennan
    Jaym Grennan18 dagen geleden

    Gray linker 🤲🤜

  • William Jones
    William Jones18 dagen geleden

    Ian Holloway all day long

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl18 dagen geleden

    Absolute natural of a TV personality.

  • colin wishbone
    colin wishbone18 dagen geleden

    Gary who!!!!!

  • G G
    G G18 dagen geleden

    So he can babysit them illegals he said he’d take in

  • unknown Unknown
    unknown Unknown18 dagen geleden

    Gary lineker everton new manager

    LARRY LAD18 dagen geleden


  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson18 dagen geleden


  • Gary Tomas
    Gary Tomas18 dagen geleden

    BT sport be better now snowflake has gone

  • bob heathcott
    bob heathcott18 dagen geleden

    Good riddance tosser

  • pub zero
    pub zero18 dagen geleden

    Get a fcukin grip

  • Lyla Hale
    Lyla Hale18 dagen geleden

    crying bank notes into his weepy bank account....getting a job in the F.A. no doubt, for more money . no doubt !

  • Alan Haynes
    Alan Haynes18 dagen geleden

    Good riddance

  • Scam Demic
    Scam Demic18 dagen geleden

    Pathetic specimen. Good riddance.🙄💩

  • Liverpool
    Liverpool18 dagen geleden

    Is he still doing Match of the day

  • Groovy 1970's Channel
    Groovy 1970's Channel18 dagen geleden

    Good riddance! Now leave MOTD and hopefully never hear from this w***** again!

  • Mk
    Mk18 dagen geleden

    What an absolute fanny

  • LeJimster
    LeJimster18 dagen geleden

    I used to like Lineker back in the day, but the last 5 years I've had enough of him and his self righteousness along with all the outspoken woke celebs.

  • Brian Donnelly

    Brian Donnelly

    13 dagen geleden

    Shut the door on your way out big ears.

  • James A

    James A

    14 dagen geleden


  • Ivan Chambers
    Ivan Chambers18 dagen geleden

    get lost

  • J D
    J D18 dagen geleden

    Farewell wokey liniker

  • A A
    A A18 dagen geleden

    Not gonna miss him BTW

  • Cupid Stunt
    Cupid Stunt18 dagen geleden

    No-one cares...jug - eared turd 💩

  • David Warner
    David Warner18 dagen geleden

    Get those crisp adverts rolling Gary. HMRC need some dues

  • David Warner
    David Warner18 dagen geleden

    Few off Gary Leicester through and through😩

  • Jim Stroyan
    Jim Stroyan18 dagen geleden

    bye bye jug ears

  • madforit2
    madforit218 dagen geleden

    Piss off Gary

  • SZ 27
    SZ 2718 dagen geleden

    Anyone know why he’s leaving? Was it offered another job? Or is he just retiring

  • Tazer nuts
    Tazer nuts18 dagen geleden

    Sweet n sour walkers anyone!

  • tony currie
    tony currie18 dagen geleden

    Overpaid knob... Bye

  • Day Day
    Day Day18 dagen geleden

    Man like Gary gave Rio the spud 👊🏻👊🏾

  • Gary Dawkins
    Gary Dawkins18 dagen geleden

    he can get on with his box ticking now !

    SNK NEO-GEO18 dagen geleden

    Glad that horrible arrogant smug bloke is leaving shame we've still got to put up with him on MOTD 👎

  • bodrulm1
    bodrulm118 dagen geleden

    Lineker is a legend

  • Peter Kent
    Peter Kent18 dagen geleden

    Is he going to go and look after all those immigrant lodgers he’s got now?

  • LPDC
    LPDC18 dagen geleden

    This really made me smile today! Good riddance

  • FReSh JiVE
    FReSh JiVE18 dagen geleden

    Great news

  • mark parkes
    mark parkes18 dagen geleden

    An ex footballer and woman of colour to replace old jug ears. Ok a woman footballer is a stretch but least the lefty woketards will be happy.😁

  • David Briggs
    David Briggs18 dagen geleden

    Gave up his job and Leicester don’t get out of the group stage 😂

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson18 dagen geleden

    He never even helped any immigrants and he was narrow minded man judging people. Snowflake Gary lol

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson18 dagen geleden

    Get him out haha wahoooooo

  • romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy
    romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy18 dagen geleden

    I just see everyone hating on Gary, did I miss something?

  • T . R . E
    T . R . E18 dagen geleden

    BT sport must be absolutely gutted loosing a puppet like Lineker.. I wonder who will replace him maybe Dermot O’Leary? He can do a little dance as it cuts to him 🕺🤮

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin18 dagen geleden

    The only way this can be a bad thing is if he was moved on for being too white, too male, and too hetero.

  • Andrew Bradley
    Andrew Bradley18 dagen geleden

    Now we just have to get rid of rio

  • Andrew Bradley
    Andrew Bradley18 dagen geleden

    Thank F%%k for that. Now he just needs to leave TV all the way