IN FULL: Chelsea's final training session ahead of UCL Final | Tuchel's Blues get set in Porto

Fascinating insight into Chelsea's Champions League Final preparations as Thomas Tuchel puts the team through their paces for the final time.

Manchester City and Chelsea will do battle to be crowned the 2021 Champions League winners in Porto - and fans can watch the entire match live on BT Sport's NLdron channel.

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  • Afif Harist 2005
    Afif Harist 200512 dagen geleden

    And Then, Chelsea Become A Champions :)

  • The Ultimate
    The Ultimate19 dagen geleden

    Tuchel getting the bus serviced

  • CantDcdeGoodNamsTakn
    CantDcdeGoodNamsTakn19 dagen geleden

    Now that Giroud is a UCL winner 🏆he should start ahead of Benzema for France

  • Cat Tinkerbell
    Cat Tinkerbell19 dagen geleden

    Tuchel must have felt an out of this world satisfaction towards PSG.

  • qslkk
    qslkk19 dagen geleden

    28:37 interesting training technique. Wonder if other teams do that too.

  • Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    3 dagen geleden


  • Luca Perciabosco
    Luca Perciabosco20 dagen geleden

    41:13 What a finish 😍

  • Detective Police
    Detective Police20 dagen geleden

    Chelsea the Winners of 2021 Champions League.

  • ZuluGod TV
    ZuluGod TV20 dagen geleden


  • ZuluGod TV
    ZuluGod TV20 dagen geleden


  • Arief Budiharjo
    Arief Budiharjo20 dagen geleden

    Any link to full after match guys?

  • adeking 121
    adeking 12120 dagen geleden

    We wonnnnn

  • JukeyJay
    JukeyJay21 dag geleden

    The pricey stretch resultantly queue because crush consequentially disappear sans a highfalutin crocus. clammy, powerful paint

  • Kerr Watson
    Kerr Watson21 dag geleden

    41.20 haverts sauce

  • DMBro79
    DMBro7921 dag geleden

    🇩🇪 Klopp/Flick/Tuchel 🇩🇪

  • Fadel Mohammed
    Fadel Mohammed21 dag geleden

    Chelsea 1 0 man city

  • shayan maavi
    shayan maavi21 dag geleden

    peter drury?

  • Mohannad Khan Shahid
    Mohannad Khan Shahid21 dag geleden

    I call a 2-0 victory for the BLUES inshallah

  • Talliban
    Talliban21 dag geleden

    Werner and inshallah

  • Son!
    Son!21 dag geleden

    The blue team from england is gonna win! Mendy and silva are gonna lift the trophies

  • Robert Ken
    Robert Ken21 dag geleden

    I don't care who wins I just want a good and entertain final.... I've heard alot about Cryptocurrency and I believe Crypto is the future

  • Gurke
    Gurke21 dag geleden

    F*ck off goo skyblues come on lets go !!!

  • warrior4jx
    warrior4jx21 dag geleden

    Werner goal 88th minute💪🏾💙

  • Maruhum Simbolon
    Maruhum Simbolon21 dag geleden


  • Charles Klepac
    Charles Klepac21 dag geleden

    Why isn’t Werner shooting constantly?

  • Gold
    Gold21 dag geleden

    Bielsa’s watching this

  • irfan Nurjati
    irfan Nurjati21 dag geleden

    Support Chelsea

  • irfan Nurjati
    irfan Nurjati21 dag geleden

    Support Chelsea

  • Anaekwe Andy
    Anaekwe Andy21 dag geleden

    I am worried how hard it is for this team to bury the ball in the net.

    GAMING AND TECHNOLOGY21 dag geleden

    Are they going to live stream on this channel, full match... Pls tell kindly tq so much 👍🙏

  • mrianinuk
    mrianinuk21 dag geleden

    Will there be any commentary..?

  • Soreichan Michael Mawon
    Soreichan Michael Mawon21 dag geleden

    Is this channel gonna go live (actual match but not discussion)???

  • Daniel Bensch
    Daniel Bensch21 dag geleden

    City come on boys go city Chelsea suck come on city don’t let me done dark blue suck

  • tom bell
    tom bell21 dag geleden

    Man City will smash this

  • Gal


    19 dagen geleden

    This aged well..

  • jtlampsu2


    20 dagen geleden

    Tell Pep that!!

  • Michael Glynn
    Michael Glynn21 dag geleden

    I hope Chelsea win Kante deserves a champions league. Can’t think of a player more deserving of it than him.

  • Banu Hhz
    Banu Hhz21 dag geleden

    No doubt city win💯

  • jtlampsu2


    20 dagen geleden

    is that Lincoln to win the playoff??

  • Oscar L.

    Oscar L.

    21 dag geleden


  • @CFCMoi11
    @CFCMoi1121 dag geleden

    This is the day to create history. Just 90 minutes boys. Do us proud and bring the trophy home

  • Zinq Genshin
    Zinq Genshin21 dag geleden

    A team from England That’s blue and have the players Mandy and Silva will lift the cup

  • Schneed
    Schneed21 dag geleden

    My prediction is that a human will be lifting the Champions League trophy

  • arha gamer
    arha gamer21 dag geleden

    Let's do this coyb🏆🏆 champione

  • OME1GA
    OME1GA21 dag geleden

    Imagine timo Werner lifting up the trophy after the season he’s had lol

  • Alvaro Morata

    Alvaro Morata

    20 dagen geleden

    He did

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon21 dag geleden

    I see Werner scoring goals but get ruled offside again 😄😄 but one does count and agurro scoring 2 goals man city 2 1 Chelsea 😊

  • jtlampsu2


    20 dagen geleden

    our survey said......

  • Adam
    Adam21 dag geleden

    Confirmed lineup for chelsea: Kante, Kante, kante, kante, kante, kante, kante, kante, kante, kante and mendy in net

  • Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    3 dagen geleden

    haha he's everywhere

  • martin ojand
    martin ojand21 dag geleden

    I placed a 300 euro bet on chelsea

  • martin ojand

    martin ojand

    18 dagen geleden

    @jtlampsu2 ty

  • jtlampsu2


    20 dagen geleden

    well done, richer today!!

  • Justice Prevails
    Justice Prevails21 dag geleden

    Man city - One of the best managers in world football Chelsea - One of the best managers in world football Liverpool - One of the best managers in world football Everton - One of the best managers in world football Man United - ole at the wheeel

  • Rob Cotton
    Rob Cotton21 dag geleden

    Christensen looks like 80s Curt Smith from Tears For Fears. Who agrees with me?

  • Frud Gur
    Frud Gur21 dag geleden

    I wish kante all the best

  • Abdullah Kashif
    Abdullah Kashif21 dag geleden

    Chelsea will win the champions league (i hope) crappy city will lose lmao

  • Reverse Card
    Reverse Card21 dag geleden

    Will they show the final for free?

  • Yusuf I
    Yusuf I21 dag geleden

    COME ON! Lets get the Job Done beautifully

  • Nasru Adam
    Nasru Adam21 dag geleden

    Know where I can it live?

  • Rahman Gafar
    Rahman Gafar21 dag geleden

    Chelsea 🏆😋😋

  • Parallax Trần Anh Khoa
    Parallax Trần Anh Khoa21 dag geleden

    The training sessions look even more exhilarating than TOT V LIV UCL final. COYB 💙🇻🇳

  • Saif Syed
    Saif Syed21 dag geleden

    Mendy will 100% lift the cl this year

  • Youth Coach Richards
    Youth Coach Richards21 dag geleden

    Billy Gilmore, remember that name for next season.

  • jtlampsu2


    20 dagen geleden


  • alinomvo 92
    alinomvo 9221 dag geleden

    Irrespective of the results we should all back tuchel, he's incredible for us all season

  • JessX Gaming192
    JessX Gaming19221 dag geleden


  • JessX Gaming192

    JessX Gaming192

    21 dag geleden

    @Angie Ziéli YESSS THANKS

  • Angie Ziéli

    Angie Ziéli

    21 dag geleden

    They will

  • Abdullah ZZ
    Abdullah ZZ21 dag geleden

    Mendy and Silva will surely win the trophy Believe me😏

  • olumide onigbogi aka midas

    olumide onigbogi aka midas

    20 dagen geleden

    hi de hi hi de ho.....

  • SnV Plasma
    SnV Plasma21 dag geleden

    Supercomputer predicted Man City to comfortably win and they usually never get it wrong so

  • jtlampsu2


    20 dagen geleden

    was it an AMSTRAD on Windows 7 ??!

  • Trbl X
    Trbl X21 dag geleden

    prediction: Silva will win the trophy



    21 dag geleden

    I hope he does. He hasn’t got long left of football days. He has been at the top level for years. He fully deserves it.

  • Qaran Doon
    Qaran Doon21 dag geleden

    Geroud and Pulisic to start, so we can kill the game asearly as possible .

  • Romario RS6ixer
    Romario RS6ixer21 dag geleden

    52:36 HAHAHAH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Reverse Card

    Reverse Card

    21 dag geleden

    Timo doing Timo stuff

  • Blessing Osinachi
    Blessing Osinachi21 dag geleden

    I will be very happy if Chelsea win this cup Up blues

    CLIPPED21 dag geleden

    Tuchel only manager do beat Gurdiola twice in 1 season, if he makes it a 3rd thats literally his Kryptonite

  • Davens the key
    Davens the key21 dag geleden

    Yes we can👍

  • Eric Jr1.1
    Eric Jr1.121 dag geleden

    I want Sterling to sign for Chelsea since he isn't being used in City and Hazard left, at least he would score goals⚽️⚽️⚽️😑😑 aka Werner

  • jtlampsu2


    20 dagen geleden

    Not a chance!

  • hajji ja
    hajji ja21 dag geleden

    Chelsea 1- 5 man city

  • jtlampsu2


    20 dagen geleden

    in your dreams 1-0 to the Chelsea Boys!!

  • S
    S21 dag geleden

    3-1 Chelsea chat to me after the match 🥶

  • Awudu Sani
    Awudu Sani21 dag geleden

    We winning tonight! Man city 0 : Chelsea 4

  • EJKA Legal
    EJKA Legal21 dag geleden

    This is the most boring thing that I have ever seen.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson21 dag geleden

    Ollie with the fresh trim so he looks good when he scores the winning goal

  • Zo Sky
    Zo Sky21 dag geleden

    Come on Chelsea!

  • paul fernandes
    paul fernandes21 dag geleden

    Commmon Chelsea

  • Yung Pastey
    Yung Pastey21 dag geleden

    14:28 in sync booiiii



    21 dag geleden

    Just like how we’ll play tonight

    THE BLICK KNIGHT21 dag geleden

    The battle of the money clubs

  • Abhiss


    21 dag geleden

    That statement is redundant cause all big clubs spend money.

  • Sammyc Presents
    Sammyc Presents21 dag geleden

    COYB 💙💙💙💙

  • Petty Cod
    Petty Cod21 dag geleden

    The amount of ads. Omfg.

  • 7bcity
    7bcity21 dag geleden

    Don't sit on the ball it will become an egg.

  • Nirvic Regmi
    Nirvic Regmi21 dag geleden

    The final push. Come on we can do this!!

  • Nirvic Regmi
    Nirvic Regmi21 dag geleden

    Come on chels💙💙

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh21 dag geleden

    A team with blue home kit is going to win. - Michael Owen

  • CheLFa K. Malik
    CheLFa K. Malik21 dag geleden

    C'mon on CHELSEA 💪🏻👊🏻🔥💙

    FTS MODDS21 dag geleden

    See the difference?All Chelsea Fans Are Commenting Uselessly 😂&& man city Fans Aren't Commenting at all..I Love it

  • Oscar L.

    Oscar L.

    21 dag geleden

    who won

  • Mboration Tech
    Mboration Tech21 dag geleden


  • Ved Mishra
    Ved Mishra21 dag geleden

    BT Sport bringing us the goods 🥂

  • Farrel Agrida
    Farrel Agrida21 dag geleden

    bismillah juara up the chels

  • saide yahia
    saide yahia21 dag geleden

    i thank chelsea win to the final champions league 3 to 1 for chelsea

  • kris stewart
    kris stewart21 dag geleden

    Man city - 3 and still win. 4 or 5 nil easy money

  • Hendy Widoyanto
    Hendy Widoyanto21 dag geleden


  • Wheatcoft Family
    Wheatcoft Family21 dag geleden

    Pulisic wins this

  • KotsiosL
    KotsiosL21 dag geleden

    I just want an entertaining final

  • Prince Frimpong
    Prince Frimpong21 dag geleden

    Who saw the doves, a sign of holy spirit and blessing, come on the blues

  • iPad Haynes
    iPad Haynes21 dag geleden


  • Boubacar Syllame
    Boubacar Syllame21 dag geleden

    Bonne chance gaïndé Eduard mendy

  • S A
    S A21 dag geleden

    Come on Chelsea !!

    BEARABLE BEAR21 dag geleden

    52:36 nice to see Werner working on his finishing😂

  • Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    3 dagen geleden

    oh ffs

  • SnV Plasma

    SnV Plasma

    21 dag geleden

    If he can’t score in training with no opposition trying to take the ball off him how will he score in a match



    21 dag geleden

    If he scores the winner tonight. He’ll be a beast next season fo sure. Written in the Stars ✨

  • Ahmed


    21 dag geleden

    Hopefully he scores 🙏

  • Chad Achee
    Chad Achee21 dag geleden

    While we red devils have ole who bottle the finals Chelsea have tuchel and city have pep we dead in the water

  • Bork In Volcanic
    Bork In Volcanic21 dag geleden

    I thought that Kovacic left Chelsea like two years ago. 🤔

  • jtlampsu2


    21 dag geleden

    well, means he won Player of The Year last year, it's pretty doubtful !!

  • Musaed Alsudairy

    Musaed Alsudairy

    21 dag geleden

    lol, he came two years ago...

  • JFlegends247
    JFlegends24721 dag geleden

    ur boy Reece James has screwed the dreads

  • H 01
    H 0121 dag geleden

    2~1 chelsea wins, reece james scores

  • vikk
    vikk21 dag geleden

    Im sorry to say but chelsea gonna lose this match im saying this as a chelsea fan but im proud of where they have got

  • George Morriss

    George Morriss

    21 dag geleden

    I believe we can win this💙💙