Rio Ferdinand Meets Pep Guardiola | Man City boss on UCL final, facing Tuchel and Foden's potential!

In the latest edition of 'Rio Meets' Rio Ferdinand travels to Manchester City to preview Saturday's Champions League final with Pep Guardiola.

The City boss talks about facing Thomas Tuchel for the third time this season, his legacy at the club, the importance of Champions League glory at the Etihad, and nurturing Phil Foden's potential.

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  • Varun Sahk
    Varun SahkDag geleden

    If u can’t win CL in 10 years with unrealistic squad like bayern and city u r below average. If u can’t take challenges in life u r not great . He got all the money and star player . Period

  • speak ml
    speak ml2 dagen geleden

    Messi at 22-23 was already on debate for one of the greatest...Foden may be the best England have produce but sorry messi is just different class

  • Praveen K M
    Praveen K M3 dagen geleden

    Pep is an intelligent 🧠 monk for me.

  • Davy Anilhaq
    Davy Anilhaq4 dagen geleden

    4:07 *'TIS THE MOMENT*

  • Πετρος Τσιμπερδωνης
    Πετρος Τσιμπερδωνης5 dagen geleden

    "Well the best is Messi"

  • Niharinth Selva
    Niharinth Selva6 dagen geleden


  • Wabibi355
    Wabibi3557 dagen geleden

    This interview is all the more comedic now considering that Chelsea won the final.

  • Emmanuel Aidoo
    Emmanuel Aidoo7 dagen geleden

    4:23 They're so wide.

  • Replicant 2049
    Replicant 20497 dagen geleden

    Poep Guardiola

  • Saxon O. (saxonabeach)
    Saxon O. (saxonabeach)8 dagen geleden

    4:18 so close but sooooOoooOo wiiIiIiiIiide

  • Rabbit TKO
    Rabbit TKO8 dagen geleden

    11:03 Messi

  • Samson samuel
    Samson samuel8 dagen geleden

    This is the best interview I have ever watched, even had to reversed some parts Full if facts and I doubt if anyone still hate pep after watching this, he's so factual and realistic

  • Midhun Mohan
    Midhun Mohan9 dagen geleden

    Spoiler alert.. He didn't win 😂

  • lenny tavarez
    lenny tavarez9 dagen geleden

    for pep leo messi will always be the best lol foden doesnt come close to messi lol when messi was a teen he was already a monster!

  • Lohit Bhatt
    Lohit Bhatt10 dagen geleden

    Literally comic timing of Pep at 3:18. "Arsenal making a step forward every season. " 😂😂😅

  • Rohith Raman

    Rohith Raman

    6 dagen geleden

    Step forward towards the Championship 😂😂

  • Maxamed Baraale
    Maxamed Baraale10 dagen geleden

    Why? because they have 3 central defenders closes the 2 holding midfielders rotating the pockets closes there the structure the 5 and the 2 players so so close and the distances are so close and at the same time they are so waaaaiiiiiide with the wingbacks

  • Eric Kekeli Tsigbey
    Eric Kekeli Tsigbey10 dagen geleden

    The interview!!!

  • baby che
    baby che10 dagen geleden

    rio in his mind...f ** u city

  • Ander
    Ander11 dagen geleden

    4:12 didn’t age well 😂😂 kills me everytime

  • achha ladka

    achha ladka

    10 dagen geleden

    Europe is blue

  • Maina Wanjau
    Maina Wanjau11 dagen geleden

    😹😹😹 who's here after he lost to the mighty Chels football club

  • EJ Ferguson
    EJ Ferguson11 dagen geleden

    4:12 is the moment we wanted

    PES GAMER11 dagen geleden


    BLESSED L KHAMS12 dagen geleden

    Pep should groom young coaches,he is so brilliant in analysis 😊😊🤔💞💞 We want TT to start his own season now...up the blues 💙💙

  • prince wembo
    prince wembo12 dagen geleden


  • Majharul Islam
    Majharul Islam13 dagen geleden

    Watch from 10:55 All the barca fan

  • Decon St John
    Decon St John13 dagen geleden

    the best is messi, remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TeamNGUlaserFTW
    TeamNGUlaserFTW13 dagen geleden

    Well , The best is Messi 🔥❤️

  • Erde
    Erde13 dagen geleden

    This man is like scientist in football

  • Abdulrashid kimbowa
    Abdulrashid kimbowa14 dagen geleden

    Next season gonna be hot 🔥, I can't wait 😋🤪😩😍

  • Real Genius
    Real Genius14 dagen geleden

    Jose is still the Special one!!!

  • L. marley_254
    L. marley_25414 dagen geleden

    How he described the way chelsea plays.. football genius

  • noel JOHN
    noel JOHN14 dagen geleden

    Just have 1 word for this interview- wow.

  • Utkarsh Rijhwani
    Utkarsh Rijhwani14 dagen geleden


  • Uptodate Itc
    Uptodate Itc14 dagen geleden

    ⚽ Avg managers: read the formation book and drive his team. ⚽ Special one managers: read the formation book, drive and parking his team. ⚽ outer space manager: make the book and let others follow.

  • MInhaz Basith
    MInhaz Basith15 dagen geleden

    To even compare Foden to Messi just shows how much potential Phils got

  • Fahmi Hawari
    Fahmi Hawari16 dagen geleden

    Why Chelsea play so good? They have three central defenders closed two midfielders relating move closer the pockets closer they have structured the 5 and 2 players so so close and the distances are so close but they are so wayyide and the dep with the Werner moving behind

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden

    all that and got outclassed

  • Za Ki
    Za Ki16 dagen geleden

    The Best is messi ‼️

  • Nadif Hadien
    Nadif Hadien16 dagen geleden


  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden


  • CaptainMonkFish
    CaptainMonkFish16 dagen geleden

    No way did he just explain to Rio how he lost the UCL final before it even happened 😭😭🤣

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden

    hes a clown

  • elfamoso_
    elfamoso_16 dagen geleden

    They are so waaaayide

  • Helmei Leo
    Helmei Leo16 dagen geleden

    4:08. Love it!

  • Luis
    Luis16 dagen geleden

    Sounds like the mental battle had already been lost.

  • Ammar Farhan
    Ammar Farhan16 dagen geleden

    As a Chelsea fan, Pep is actually likeable. He's elite. His mentality, work rate, talent as a coach, elite.

    RADICAL SUICIDE16 dagen geleden

    Well messi is the best

  • Mo Hamstring
    Mo Hamstring16 dagen geleden


  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden


  • Manish Verma
    Manish Verma16 dagen geleden

    4:08, man someone did Pep dirty......

  • Mike Kojo Kyei
    Mike Kojo Kyei16 dagen geleden

    Such a humble honest great manager. I support Chelsea but I wish he wins the champions league again.

  • Yahye jama
    Yahye jama17 dagen geleden

    He said he was relaxed and he lost 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden


  • Laldawng Liana

    Laldawng Liana

    16 dagen geleden


  • Kgomotso Mothala
    Kgomotso Mothala17 dagen geleden

    sad that all that tactical breakdown on Chelsea's game was useless...

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden

    he got outclassed

  • Abe tech
    Abe tech17 dagen geleden

    Peoples in comment section be like it's like a music 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Mahir Ullah
    Mahir Ullah17 dagen geleden

    4:07 pep masterclass

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden

    pep disasterclass

  • Tim
    Tim17 dagen geleden

    Why Chelsea play so good?

  • Faheem ahmed
    Faheem ahmed17 dagen geleden

    Thanks pep for sharing a lot

  • Ritwik Pattnaik
    Ritwik Pattnaik17 dagen geleden

    4:05 : Pep talks about Chelsea game style and tuchel .

  • Michael Schumacher
    Michael Schumacher18 dagen geleden

    Rio's a good interviewer. When Gary lineker retires i wouldnt mind him becoming motd presenter. I think he'd do a great job at that

  • Jon Woods
    Jon Woods18 dagen geleden

    Pep needs to shut up and stop glory hunting in interviews and fly-on-the-wall documentaries and actually deliver in the CL.

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden

    he got outclassed

  • Cat Potato
    Cat Potato18 dagen geleden


  • Mareeena
    Mareeena18 dagen geleden

    Mann I love Pep

  • Jermaine Larmond
    Jermaine Larmond18 dagen geleden


  • Rafael Valentin
    Rafael Valentin18 dagen geleden

    The muddled uzbekistan seasonally wish because rabbit basically answer save a gamy puma. slow, various raft

  • Stan
    Stan18 dagen geleden

    Tier 1(future super stars): mbappe, Foden and Haaland Tier 2: Sancho, Felix, Bellingham, greenwood, Mount Tier 3: fati, vicious jnr, and others.

  • Shifty 1

    Shifty 1

    18 dagen geleden

    Foden is tier 2. But agree on the rest

  • juzt sports
    juzt sports18 dagen geleden

    The way he say Messi is the best 😅🤩🤩

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden

    he got outclassed by tuchel

  • janish hasheer

    janish hasheer

    18 dagen geleden

    That's why his team city is in the mud. He always talk about barca and messi. Loser peppie

  • Bogdan Kobelenski
    Bogdan Kobelenski18 dagen geleden

    Lucky Pep that he had Messi Chavi Iniesta. Loser.

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden

    he got outclassed by tuchel

  • Arvind Boghar

    Arvind Boghar

    18 dagen geleden


  • Drew Xu
    Drew Xu18 dagen geleden

    Fk pep

  • Masha Kips
    Masha Kips19 dagen geleden

    Pep is talking with sportsmanship he football mentor.

  • jose4ph123453
    jose4ph12345319 dagen geleden


  • Rusydi Ady
    Rusydi Ady19 dagen geleden

    And After all pep say Chelsea is hard to beat and to good Ucl final night: Raheem sterling in first eleven

  • Jose
    Jose19 dagen geleden

    Broke down Chelsea’s tactics but couldn’t win 😭😭😭😭fraudiola

  • Yasha Howard

    Yasha Howard

    14 dagen geleden

    @zR0_. he def did, all 3 occasions......he is a master tactician

  • zR0_.


    14 dagen geleden

    he got outclassed

  • Yasha Howard

    Yasha Howard

    18 dagen geleden

    Its one thing to see what the other manager is doing, a whole another matter to actually do it on the pitch.

  • Danny Blue
    Danny Blue19 dagen geleden

    Pep is a very good manager and he seems like a very good person as well, commiserations to him and Man city.

  • Tom James
    Tom James19 dagen geleden

    Wake up Pep from his sleep in the middle of the night,.. Pep : " THE BEST IS MESSI "

  • Kwaku Twumasi
    Kwaku Twumasi19 dagen geleden

    Much respect to this man. He did what he thought would work, it didn't work. Tuchel won it for Chelsea with this tactics. Big respect to City. KTBFFH

  • M K

    M K

    19 dagen geleden

    No he f*cked it up🤣

  • Muntahim Mamun
    Muntahim Mamun19 dagen geleden

    Pep already knows that Chelsea's players will push them here and there and Werner just did that at the Moment of goal, just drag Ruben Diaz in left side and makes space for Kai Havrtz. Happy for Chelsea.💙💙💙 A blue since 2008.

  • Mikey Skelly
    Mikey Skelly19 dagen geleden

    I'm a chelsea fan but could listen to Pep talk about football all day the way he thinks about football is so interesting

    IIXRATEDIIHiTMAN19 dagen geleden

    Richard mille cost a lambo

    RXLOOPTUZ9219 dagen geleden

    I'm getting tired of all people saying that he should've played a cdm. First match, he played Rodri and lost the match. Second match, he played Rodri with Fernandinho. Guess what, he lost. What he is trying to say he doesn't have an actual lineup to counter Tuchel's lineup. This happened in the past when he didn't have a counter for Liverpool's front three in the past. Respect the mans judgement because he is so much accomplished then regular folks in football.

  • Zoe Emery

    Zoe Emery

    19 dagen geleden

    salty lmao city will never win a ucl liverpool on top lmao

  • Леонид Насанович
    Леонид Насанович19 dagen geleden

    very good interview

  • Unako Ontei
    Unako Ontei19 dagen geleden

    Next year it's his turn to win champions league...he's intelligent and an optimist I believe in him❤

  • Unako Ontei

    Unako Ontei

    19 dagen geleden

    @Zoe Emery hayike a man city fan throwing shade at its own club atleast they now know who did it or who bought themselves this to them their own fans..let me walk away chelsea we did it...

  • Zoe Emery

    Zoe Emery

    19 dagen geleden

    salty lmao city will never win a ucl liverpool on top lmao

  • Unako Ontei
    Unako Ontei19 dagen geleden

    I love Guardiola❤🙏🙏 of my Favorite

  • Zoe Emery

    Zoe Emery

    19 dagen geleden

    salty lmao city will never win a ucl liverpool on top lmao

  • shreyas karanam
    shreyas karanam19 dagen geleden

    Pep got Chelsea's tactics bang on but Kante said he needs the UCL

  • Alianu Chuks

    Alianu Chuks

    11 dagen geleden

    Kante gets what he wants

  • Roger A
    Roger A19 dagen geleden

    Pep Fraudiola?

  • Zoe Emery

    Zoe Emery

    19 dagen geleden

    lmao city will never win a ucl liverpool on top lmao

  • ChelseaPeter
    ChelseaPeter19 dagen geleden

    My man new Chelsea’s tactics and still lost 🤣 what a fraud

  • Zoe Emery

    Zoe Emery

    19 dagen geleden

    lmao city will never win a ucl liverpool on top lmao

  • Ahmed C/laahi
    Ahmed C/laahi19 dagen geleden

    Who is here after🤡🤡

  • Ilias noor
    Ilias noor19 dagen geleden

    That Richard Mille

  • Miles Peterkin
    Miles Peterkin19 dagen geleden

    Spurs fan. Saka> foden

  • janish hasheer

    janish hasheer

    18 dagen geleden

    Nobody wants to know about spuds and assenal. Foden Mount are playing at euros. Saka in the bench maybe

  • cosmicbubble12
    cosmicbubble1219 dagen geleden

    Misplaced confidence. Sometimes the games are so close. City were lucky Werner can’t shoot or it’d have been 3-0

  • Be Like Water

    Be Like Water

    8 dagen geleden

    @Bee's Knees would help if he could actually kick the ball and not complete miss it

  • Emmanuel Umoren

    Emmanuel Umoren

    14 dagen geleden

    Werner may not finish well at the moment but his off the ball movement is perfect. His run opened up Man city for Havertz to go on and score the winning goal.

  • cosmicbubble12


    16 dagen geleden

    @Bee's Knees He does but overall he actually offers more than Tammy which is a shame. Tammy always gets the top scorer stat thrown around but was in first stage of cups. Tammy is a better finisher although he isn’t clinical but Werner is better in every other way

  • Hao Diep

    Hao Diep

    16 dagen geleden

    @Bee's Knees without Werner, we would never have those chances. Werner could do literally everything except for shooting. His run really had the attention from both Dias and Walker, so that Mason had enough space and time to make the pass and Kai avoid 1v1 with Dias

  • Bee's Knees

    Bee's Knees

    17 dagen geleden

    @cosmicbubble12 dont get me wrong i love werner but he needs to improve his composure and of course learn the offside rule as well

  • Sandjon Gaël
    Sandjon Gaël19 dagen geleden

    Ngolo Kanté master class 🙂💯👑

  • Sandeep Attaluri
    Sandeep Attaluri19 dagen geleden

    Looks like Pep is a nice guy but for me he is a overrated football Manager, Under 5Y of Pep management man city net spending is 500 MP to a Squad which already had KD Sterling Aguero. Yes he has won three Premier League titles but any other decent manager is this world might have won those 3 titles with the Squad Man city have and with their unlimited spending power... Its a Failure to me ....this is nothing short of financial fraud...

  • Billy Hope
    Billy Hope19 dagen geleden

    Reece James is on of the main reason why man city lost he kept raheem sterling in his pocket and sterling couldn't get through him

  • stanley _

    stanley _

    4 dagen geleden

    Also Ben chilly and marhez

  • Be Like Water

    Be Like Water

    8 dagen geleden

    Sterling calls him dad now

  • janish hasheer

    janish hasheer

    18 dagen geleden

    Sterling is money, money should be kept in the pocket.

  • Hasan Askari
    Hasan Askari19 dagen geleden

    He’s taking the piss by mentioning Arsenal 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kelvin Doe

    Kelvin Doe

    18 dagen geleden


  • Karume Huie
    Karume Huie19 dagen geleden


  • nelson monteiro
    nelson monteiro19 dagen geleden

    Give him another billion pounds and he will win the champion league next year. Maybe.........

  • janish hasheer

    janish hasheer

    18 dagen geleden

    Still No. He is never winning with city

  • vineszakenya2021
    vineszakenya202119 dagen geleden

    Broke down the tactics but still couldn't win 🤣. Tuchel works in silence 🤫

  • stanley _

    stanley _

    4 dagen geleden


  • Yahya Nassar
    Yahya Nassar19 dagen geleden


  • justin keeton
    justin keeton19 dagen geleden

    Great interview with Rio, Pep and the squeaky plastic chair.

  • Garwain Albert Tannis
    Garwain Albert Tannis20 dagen geleden


  • Ans Ali
    Ans Ali20 dagen geleden

    Who knew he'll be changing his entire operation and bench rodri/fernandinho for the most important game for this club and be so confident and calm in pre-match press conference and in this interview.

  • Arizal 2
    Arizal 220 dagen geleden

    Come here after the final? Of course.

  • R U
    R U20 dagen geleden

    All this tactic talk just to get put in a spliff for the third time 😂😂

  • Erick
    Erick20 dagen geleden

    And pep walked into the trap thinking he could outplay them knowing the problem

  • Mohamed Husen Samatar
    Mohamed Husen Samatar20 dagen geleden

    I watch this after the final 😂😂