Tuchel Cam | Chelsea Boss Celebrates Champions League Success With Family In Porto

Nine months on from defeat with PSG, Thomas Tuchel cherishes every moment of his Champions League success with Chelsea in Porto.

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  • RNG-Bananaツ
    RNG-Bananaツ3 dagen geleden


  • Daniel Universal
    Daniel Universal7 dagen geleden

    Cristi Pustai is better than tuchel!

  • Joeria Namatovu
    Joeria Namatovu10 dagen geleden

    Ggyýý OK The dam Daddy

  • laurence.nardella09
    laurence.nardella0912 dagen geleden

    Who knows What song is played at this point of the video 1:45 to 1:52

  • Frank Espinoza
    Frank Espinoza13 dagen geleden

    The voracious denim neurally guard because opera jointly challenge unlike a productive gallon. awesome, drunk connection

  • kuba kuba
    kuba kuba13 dagen geleden

    Hazard it's the biggest loser in modern football..

  • Adell Azhar
    Adell Azhar13 dagen geleden


  • Ngọc Linh
    Ngọc Linh14 dagen geleden

    0:27 mussic plesss :((

  • Tan S
    Tan S15 dagen geleden

    Stage is smaller than 2019 Madrid

  • พรชัย.ชัยเสดถาที กีน
    พรชัย.ชัยเสดถาที กีน16 dagen geleden

    เสี่ยหมีดีใจไหมนะ ปกติไม่เคยเห็นนะเสี่ยหมีจะมากอดกับนักแตะ แต่ในชุดนี้ของเชลชี เสี่ยหมีกอดกับนักแตะ

  • tin Tran
    tin Tran16 dagen geleden

    Anyone know the song from 0:00 to 0:49 ?

  • tin Tran
    tin Tran16 dagen geleden

    Anyone know the song after the end of match ??

  • Patches
    Patches16 dagen geleden

    Rory Jennings said sacking Lampard for tuchel would be a bad idea, now look the guy is just shameless

  • nizar rama
    nizar rama16 dagen geleden

    We are the champions my friend 💙🔥🎉

  • Louis Wheeler
    Louis Wheeler17 dagen geleden

    Rudiger having to pick kante up in the celebrations😂

  • Kai Thor
    Kai Thor17 dagen geleden

    Sa prouve que cest un bon entraineur au psg il etait bon mai les joueurs n etait pas serieux voila pouquoi

  • Piotr Czech
    Piotr Czech17 dagen geleden

    Beautiful Picture

  • Michael Owens
    Michael Owens17 dagen geleden

    Congratulations best team won

  • Farhan K Maheer
    Farhan K Maheer17 dagen geleden

    I dont have a family and i try to follow these stars like footballers and try to distract myself from me not having a family or a love life. But at the end of the day, they do have a family, gf, wife etc. everyone has it, and its so important. But i dont. Only god knows how am i gonna survive by not having this important thing in my life.

  • Zaldi Rizal
    Zaldi Rizal17 dagen geleden


  • Navin Kumar
    Navin Kumar17 dagen geleden

    2:40 When kante was lifted by Zouma 👏

  • Hellshing
    Hellshing17 dagen geleden

    dude that cameraman at 1:27 ! Could he get any closer?? --'

  • De Martin
    De Martin17 dagen geleden

    He is really TUCHELSEA!!!

  • david siregar
    david siregar17 dagen geleden

    Dank Thomas Tuchel hat Chelsea endlich die Champions League 2021 gewonnen. Tuchel ist ein freundlicher und genialer Trainer, großartig darin, Angriffs- und Verteidigungstaktiken zusammenzustellen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Chelsea und Thomas Tuchel.

  • Sun Gokong
    Sun Gokong17 dagen geleden

    Nice tuchel...

  • Stephen Plenty
    Stephen Plenty17 dagen geleden

    If English clubs are going to continue hiring foreign coaches, they should look to Germany first. Farke, Hasenhuettl (yes, I know he"s Austrian) Klopp, Tuchel are all excellent coaches. To get a German coaching qualification requires hard work and intelligence.

  • D. F.
    D. F.17 dagen geleden

    when they played QUEEN.....

  • 2299_ Raaj_Jaiswal
    2299_ Raaj_Jaiswal17 dagen geleden

    So ...Pure .. 💙💙

  • alfaiz shaikh
    alfaiz shaikh17 dagen geleden

    Remembering Chelsea 'S transformation from cl under dogs in group stage to cl winners.this credit goes to tuchel as he changed the state of mind of players and transforming them into beast.

  • alfaiz shaikh
    alfaiz shaikh17 dagen geleden

    Happy to see him lift cl crown in his second attempt of cl final

  • Darta Scusami
    Darta Scusami17 dagen geleden

    Wow, those are The Next Pernile Harder and Fran Kirby, maybe :)))

  • Giulio Nucci
    Giulio Nucci17 dagen geleden

    2:02 why nobody talk about this?

  • Ipan pain
    Ipan pain17 dagen geleden

    Congrats coach 👏

  • Nabs gilo
    Nabs gilo17 dagen geleden

    Lots of love

  • Drogba81 mika19
    Drogba81 mika1917 dagen geleden

    Chelsea interim coach and UCL... Tuchel...di matteo..avram grant...final

  • chelseaFC
    chelseaFC18 dagen geleden

    Best manager in world right now

  • Tekle Kifle
    Tekle Kifle18 dagen geleden

    Now Giroud is a champions league finalist. Congura

  • zerul x
    zerul x18 dagen geleden


  • Ak Go
    Ak Go18 dagen geleden

    So we didn't see the bit where he actually lifted the trophy.... Welp...

  • Jimmy and the Resurrection
    Jimmy and the Resurrection18 dagen geleden

    Congregations all around but espically to the coach and tiago silva.

  • Zira Ralte
    Zira Ralte18 dagen geleden

    wow Queen Song , queen song never gets old

  • Andres Ausecha
    Andres Ausecha18 dagen geleden

    What's the PSG Sheik face like right now? 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Nasser Moamer
    Nasser Moamer18 dagen geleden

    His daughter laugh is just copy and past from him❤️

  • Rodger Murphy
    Rodger Murphy18 dagen geleden

    He's a miracle worker

  • Aswin
    Aswin18 dagen geleden

    Tuchel,magician.Chelsea sacked Lampard and they get ucl and Tuchel....

    CLIPPED18 dagen geleden

    3:02 What a shot 🙏

  • Mind Of Virtuoso
    Mind Of Virtuoso18 dagen geleden

    the only treble city got this year was loosing to tuchel 3 times

  • Zubair Ibrahim
    Zubair Ibrahim18 dagen geleden

    Franks Divorce from Chelsea was Heartbreaking but Tuchel was a Great Stepfather for the lads!

  • Pranav K
    Pranav K18 dagen geleden

    Kante fans like here One of the best player in the history

  • Bekti Fahrizal
    Bekti Fahrizal18 dagen geleden

    " I am super happy" classic Thomas Tuchel

  • Thomas Silas
    Thomas Silas18 dagen geleden

    Great trainer and great family dad ... herzlichen Glückwunsch

  • Biman Haldar
    Biman Haldar18 dagen geleden

    Freddie Mercury is always there... "We are the Champion"

  • Martin Yeboah
    Martin Yeboah18 dagen geleden

    I can see tactically genius Tuchel building a dynasty for us. Am glad for him and his family

  • GVP 33
    GVP 3318 dagen geleden


  • Niki Sommerwind
    Niki Sommerwind18 dagen geleden

    Tuchel Mastermind

  • VN Sandeep
    VN Sandeep18 dagen geleden

    We will build a team nobody wants to play against.. Can't wait to see what he's got up his sleeve for next season

  • Jake 123
    Jake 12318 dagen geleden

    It’s unbelievable what this guys done with my club in just a few months. Absolute legend already.

  • 김동균
    김동균18 dagen geleden

    Thomas Tuchel saved chelsea

    FARDONATOR18 dagen geleden

    Need a Kante Cam

  • Night Stalker
    Night Stalker18 dagen geleden

    PSG is team with money , lost spirit they will never won champions league with that attitude, no spirit in the team

  • The Lone Cyberman
    The Lone Cyberman18 dagen geleden

    I expect Chelsea to be title challengers next season. Congrats from a Liverpool fan. Amazing how a awful first half against Madrid cost us.

  • Muhammad Rinaldi
    Muhammad Rinaldi18 dagen geleden

    That's proven that football is dangerous sport, whistle blow killed some chelsea players😂

  • Paimon Genshin
    Paimon Genshin18 dagen geleden

    Congrats Chelsea, let's flying higher🎉🎉

  • Christopher Julius
    Christopher Julius18 dagen geleden

    The 44 dislikes are from city fans😂😂

  • Andrew Zavala
    Andrew Zavala18 dagen geleden


  • pinkbeatle2012
    pinkbeatle201218 dagen geleden

    German managers are dominating this tournament

  • Raheal Gulzar
    Raheal Gulzar18 dagen geleden

    Massive respect for Tuchel and the referee

  • MITTZZ 2002
    MITTZZ 200218 dagen geleden

    Such a great manager , thank god psg sacked him or else he would never won UCL

  • aldirmdn
    aldirmdn18 dagen geleden

    Like a Shawnshank Redemption in football.

  • Hishaam Hussain
    Hishaam Hussain18 dagen geleden

    Tuchel and Silva's redemption after losing to Bayern in last year they deserve it and happy for Azpi and Kante as well

  • Jesada Piamcharoen
    Jesada Piamcharoen18 dagen geleden

    The Families 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • Abdifatah Yare
    Abdifatah Yare18 dagen geleden

    This coach I love him 😍

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze18 dagen geleden

    What do manger/players say to opponent players/manager or the ref after the game

  • Irfan Nasyriq
    Irfan Nasyriq18 dagen geleden

    i wonder how did PSG react to this and saw tuchel with the trophy 😂🤣

  • haeziq hashla
    haeziq hashla18 dagen geleden

    PSG let go Thomas Tuchel and Thiago Silva just so they can win the Champions League

  • Raghuveer Shenoy
    Raghuveer Shenoy18 dagen geleden

    What's that song they played immediately after the full-time whistle?

  • Nina Lihawa
    Nina Lihawa18 dagen geleden

    I Love Chelaea To Me 2012 And 2021,,, Im From Indonesia

  • Mr Emeng
    Mr Emeng18 dagen geleden


  • I'm Not a Punk
    I'm Not a Punk18 dagen geleden

    what a beautiful scene

  • Coco _
    Coco _18 dagen geleden

    I can't stop smiling luke an idiot 😊

  • Share Football
    Share Football18 dagen geleden

    Chelsea changed to much and also now they are big team big heart in the world.

  • Ahmed Tahmid
    Ahmed Tahmid18 dagen geleden

    Yet psg had nothing

    KING KONG18 dagen geleden

    Covid19 is dead 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tandri chen
    Tandri chen18 dagen geleden

    He deserve to win UCL

  • goldenyoda
    goldenyoda19 dagen geleden

    He's got his strong release. Tuchel's on fire

  • Red
    Red19 dagen geleden

    Imagine if frank lampard didn’t leave then chelsea would never have won this

  • Diska Karina WeAreX
    Diska Karina WeAreX19 dagen geleden

    Thomas Tuchel Tochter

  • Enden Supriatna
    Enden Supriatna19 dagen geleden

    Respect thomas thuchel and pep guardiola

  • Vman Oz
    Vman Oz19 dagen geleden

    This still feels all surreal to me so we actually won the UCL

  • Nhlakanipho Sparks
    Nhlakanipho Sparks19 dagen geleden

    He was leaving psg to give Blues Ucl👊👊👊👊

  • BCfromSE
    BCfromSE19 dagen geleden

    2:02 Tuchel nearly stacks it 😂

  • FabrizioZegarra
    FabrizioZegarra19 dagen geleden

    congrats blues

  • JohneeFizter Bottom
    JohneeFizter Bottom19 dagen geleden

    2:40 Tuchel & Silva from playing the Final with PSG last year to winning the CL with Chelsea this year CRAZY

  • John Jacobs
    John Jacobs19 dagen geleden

    Aguero tears hitting different right now

  • bubbacalling
    bubbacalling19 dagen geleden

    Giroud has a champions league winners medal, crazy!

  • atzengruber
    atzengruber19 dagen geleden

    The last 3 Championsleague Finals all won by German Coaches...

  • 320speed
    320speed19 dagen geleden

    1:49 He was like "F Covid, I need a kiss rn"

  • zizou hasni
    zizou hasni19 dagen geleden

    I was hoping Mahrez would get the cup, unfortunately, Guardiola is stupid

  • 320speed
    320speed19 dagen geleden

    Still can't believe Chelsea are the Champions League winners!

  • roy ashman
    roy ashman19 dagen geleden

    Fair play to Chelski good game plan but NO WAY best team in Europe even my hopeless West Brom stuck 5 past them !!!!!

  • Mohammed Mussa

    Mohammed Mussa

    17 dagen geleden

    that your troohpy hahahahaha

  • Mohammed Mussa

    Mohammed Mussa

    17 dagen geleden

    who ask